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Amendment of Trademark Registration

What can be amended?

You can amend change of name, transfer ownership, address change of the application.

You can reduce the scope of the goods and/or services for which your trade mark is registered. For example, you can remove a class or delete some of the goods and/or services.

Filing Procedure

Amendment of Trademark have to file an application same as the trademark registration of a mark.

Required Documents

To file a amendment of a trademark / service mark application, we need the following documents:
* Power of Attorney
* Declaration of Ownership of the trademark
* Old TM registration copy
All the documents must be notarised and authenticated by the Myanmar Embassy in your home country. One power of Attorney is enough for any numbers of trademark / service mark. However, we would need the separate Declaration for each trademark / service mark. The device or logo or any specimen of the mark must be affixed on it.