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Sujika Myanmar IP Law Firm

Trademark Registration in Myanmar

Breaking News!

All the marks, registered by old law, need to re-register by New Law starting from 1st OCT, 2020.

The New Trademark Law was published in 2019 and will comes into force following the notification of the President, expecting to take effect shortly. The soft opening of the trademark registration will start on 1st October, 2020. It will accept re-registrations of existing trademark applications and old marks which are currently used in the market. In transforming from the first-to-use system to the first-to-file system with the New Trademark Law, there is no automatic transposition of old trademark registrations. It is safe to file the trademark applications to be in time, obtaining the first filing date.

To re-register of an existing trademark during soft opening period, we need the following documents:
1. Applicant's Name & Address (same as in registered DOT)
2. Mark (same as in registered DOT)
3. Registered Declaration of Deed of Trademark or Caution Notice in Myanmar
4. Classes (same as in registered DOT)
5. Notarized Power of Attorney (details are not announced yet)
6. Re-register fees and details procedures are still not announced

If you want to re-register in soft opening period, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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